The Sentinel of Currahee Mountain


The Sentinel of Currahee Mountain
Kitty Stratton

For many years, living in Northeast Georgia, I could never quite get a fix on exactly where Currahee Mountain was until I recently moved to Toccoa. Now that I drive past the mountain on a regular basis I can clearly see Currahee “standing alone” the name given to the mountain by the Cherokees who at one time lived in and around Toccoa.

The more I study this mountain the more I am fascinated by it. It truly does stand alone, like a sentinel rising up from the rolling hills of middle Georgia. Currahee has been called the first mountain in the Appalachian chain.

One side of Currahee is steep whereas the other has a long approach. On a glorious fall day last year, my son and I climbed the steep side of Currahee. The narrow, overgrown, path that we climbed, started on Hwy 184 and snaked back and forth up the mountain until it became rocky and strewn with enormous boulders. Having read the myths and stories of hidden caves and gold in the area my imagination took flight and I scanned the giant boulders on either side of the trail looking for even the smallest of cave openings.

Unable to find any mysterious cave like openings with my naked eyes, I turned to my camera and using it like binoculars I zoomed in and took several photographs of the rock strewn mountainside.

Currahee Mtn Rock Face

The Sentinel of Currahee

Only later, when I was viewing the pictures on the computer did my gaze fall on the above photograph and I could suddenly see the sphinx like face appearance on the rock!! Take a close look and beware! To me this is the guardian of Currahee holding and protecting secrets of hidden gold and deep caverns.

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