The Quanassee Path Hayesville, North Carolina – Kitty Stratton


The Quanassee Path
Hayesville, North Carolina
Kitty Stratton

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The town of Hayesville has a strong connection with the Cherokee history and culture of North Carolina. Many organizations have worked together to create a well-marked path through the town of Hayesville so visitors can fully experience the varied exhibits and archeological sites.
There are five sites to visit on this two mile Cherokee History Trail. The first site located on the main road entering Hayesville is The Cherokee Homestead exhibit, where visitors can view authentic replicas of summer and winter houses and artwork depicting the Cherokee way of life.
The second site to visit is The Clay County Historical & Arts Museum where visitors can see a life-sized figure of a Cherokee woman basket weaver. The rest of the exhibit includes tools, pottery, baskets, leather clothing and moccasins. Call ahead for opening times 828 389 6814.
The third site on the Quanassee Path is The Cherokee Cultural Center, in the Moss Memorial Library which was created in 2013. The center has books, maps and Cherokee art. The exhibit includes baskets, darts, ballsticks, musical instruments and small replicas of the seven Cherokee clan masks.
Moving on to the fourth site along the Quanassee Path visitors will reach the Spikebuck Mound and Quannasse Village site. There is a marker at the site describing the village. The Spikebuck Mound existed before the first European explorers arrived in the 1690’s. Quanassee Village was home to several hundred people but by 1721 it was a small Cherokee town.
The fifth site is the Cherokee Heritage Trail, the .3 mile Spikebuck Connector Trail which follows along beside Town Creek. The trail meanders through areas of native trees and plants. Plans are to add more native plants that were used by the Cherokee for food and medicine. Markers will be placed to identify these plants of interest along the trail.

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